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Approval Process
You accept proposal & purchase equipment. We send a General Arrangement Drawing of your equipment specifically designed to meet your needs. Once you approve – We
use 3D modeling to start design process. 3
A General Arrangement Drawing of your equipment is sent to
– Does the screen fit into area maintaining 3” clearance between vibrating screen and stationary objects.
– Provisions should be made to raise machine during spring changes.
– The natural frequency of the screen support structure should be at least 25% away from the operating speed of the machine.
– Note if machine is left or right hand driven
It is important to know that any drawings sent during proposal phase such as Preliminary General Arrangement or overlay are NOT considered a Formal Approval Drawing.
General Arrangement Drawings will provide you with: – Weights
– Side,PlanView,andFootPrint
– Dimensions
designated person(s) for Approval.
– SprayHoleLocations(ifapplicable)
– LocationsofMotorBase,A-Frame,IsolationBase,H-Beamor
other purchased options Approval Process
– Any necessary modifications to equipment should be noted and returned
– After all modifications are made drawing is returned with approval signature.
– Manufacturing does not begin until drawing is approved.

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