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Design & Manufacturing Begins Finalized design is sent to CNC equipment
programmed for precision manufacturing and your equipment is brought to life.
• Design
– Equipment is designed per customers specifications
– Starting with side plates, components are laid out in 2D and from there a 3D model is created
– With Solid Edge 3D modeling we locate the center of gravity, run Finite Element Analysis to examine critical speeds and identify where equipment may need strengthened.
• Manufacturing
– Finalized design is converted to machine code and sent to CNC
equipment in production area.
– By using state-of-the-art Computer Numeric Controlled equipment, Conn-Weld can guarantee the quality of each part.
– All sub assemblies and components are manufactured at Conn- Weld.
– Quality is involved at each level of operation and highly trained experienced personnel maintains inspection procedures.
– The over 300,000 square ft. manufacturing facility houses remote control overhead cranes and all means to ensure safe material handling.
WAIT!! Unexpected modification? Conn-Weld understands changes can occur throughout your project and we are here to help make that process as seamless as possible. In most cases we can still make modifications if notified in time.

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