Vibrating Screens

Horizontal Style Vinrating ScreensConn-Weld® Horizontal Style Vibrating Screens

Trusted and Efficient Horizontal

  • Available in a variety of designs and sizes ranging from 3 ' x 12' to 10' x 24'
  • Single & double decks
  • Welded body design can be used in existing Vibrating Screen
  • E-Z Deck® body a patented design allows for easy replacement of individual parts
  • Feed chutes and discharge lips can be custom designed to fit any plant arrangement
  • G-Master Mechanism
    G-Master® mechanisms with spherical roller bearings designed for vibratory loads

G-Master® Mechanism

  • Spherical roller bearing specifically designed for vibrating loads
  • Oil reservoirs assure constant bearing lubrication
  • Sturdy case constructed from Ductile Iron to reduce risk of vibratory cracking

Highest Painting Standards in the Industry

  • Shot blast to near white metal
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  • One coat 2-part epoxy undercoat
  • One coat 2-part blue epoxy top coat (other color options available)

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  • Horizontal-4
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