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Paper Mill Pressure Screens - ACCU-TUFF®

Paper Mill Pressure ScreensConn-Weld is a world leader in the development and manufacture of profile wire shapes. We offer OEM and replacement screens to meet all types of industry demands. Twenty-five years of screen making experience coupled with its unique fusion welding
process, enables Conn-Weld to provide the strongest and most reliable welded bar screen plate technology in the world today.

We manufacture tailormade baskets to improve your existing screen performance. We supply Accu-Tuff® coating which far exceeds the lifetime of chrome coatings.

Conn-Weld supplies the pulp and paper industry with:

  • ACCU-TUFF® welded bar baskets, having fine slots down to 0.076 mm(0.003") for all types of screens
  • Sidehill screens and replacement screen mats
  • Cylinders for screw presses
  • Screen rotors for high and low consistency applications
  • Coating kitchen and white water filter baskets

Conn-Weld manufactures its own profile wire to ensure proper wire tolerance and uniformity, resulting in screen basket optimization as well as operating efficiency maximization.






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