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Conn-Weld Screen Media

Conn-Weld Screen Media
Tufflok System

CONN-WELD TUFFLOK® Screen Panel Locking System

TUFFLOK® incorporates a new T shaped retainer system with the snap pockets molded into the screen panel edges. No extra pieces required.


  • No difficult pins to remove.
  • No Pins to get lost.
  • Easy snap in installation
  • Easy removal when it time for replacement
  • Lower cost to install


Panelok System

CONN-WELD PANELOK® Screen Hold-Down System

The PANELOK® System is easy to install and easier to maintain.

  • No nuts, bolts, steel dams, or steel hold-down bars in material flow to wear out.
  • Highly durable polyurethane components that lock all of your screens and dams securely in place
  • Reduces profile screen deck replacement time by 50% or more
  • Readily adaptable to most vibrating screen decks


Panelok II



CONN-WELD PANELOK II® firmly holds your screen components in place while allowing for worn parts to be easily replaced. 

  • Center retainers bolt to a tubular deck with thread bolts to support screen panel. 
  • A welded bar along the entire length of each side of the screen panel holds it in place during use.
  • A “tongue in groove” method secures lock strips to center retainer sandwiching the screen panel securely in place.
  • Using locking strips, secured dams seal joining screen panels slowing material for maximum screenablity.
  • Locking strips allows easy access to screen panels for maintenance or replacement.


CONN-WELD Urethane Products

CONN-WELD Urethane Products

Conn-Weld’s Urethane is made from the highest quality materials in the industry to suit the most abrasive applications whether wet screening or dry screening.

  • Injection molded openings of many sizes from .25mm to
    2" slotted.
  • High open area panels.
  • Open cast poured panels as well for large opening screens and large surface areas up to 2' x 4' in overall dimensions.
  • Pin and pin-less style 30mm and 40mm thick panels.


Profile Screens

CONN-WELD Profile Screens

Conn-Weld uses a special blend of stainless steel for both the wire and tie rod material to insure the highest quality wire panels in the industry.

  • Conn-Weld manufactures all wire used in panels.
  • Conn-Weld manufactures the tie rod material used in the screen panels.
  • Patented welding processes used to manufacture panels.
  • Screen openings from .0015" to 3" openings.
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