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Sieve Bends for the Process Industry

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    Requires minimal amount of space for installation.
  • Minimum structural support.
  • No horsepower is needed to operate.
  • Does not make any noise.
  • No moving parts or vibration.
  • Turnaround designed for quick reversal of screen.
  • Conn Weld Profile Sieve Screens are manufactured with a sharp cutting edge to slice away the slurry.
  • Screening efficiency and separation capacity will equal or exceed other conventional screening.
  • Profile screen surfaces designed to separate down to 50 microns in certain industries.
  • Determining Open Areas more information
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  • Conn-Weld profile screens do not require a breaking in period or polishing process.
  • Experienced application engineers can custom design to meet your specifications.
  • Standard Sieve Bends are designed in various widths, arcs, and radii to fit your specific need
  • Feed Boxes, Screen Holders, and Turnarounds are manufactured from carbon or stainless steel.
  • Ceramic Lined Feed Boxes and Screen Holders are available.
  • Conn-Weld unique Feed Gate is designed so that the operator may adjust and clean the opening to evenly distribute the slurry across the entire width of the screen at right angles to each knife sharp profile wire and slot opening.
  • Conn Weld manufactures the widest range of Profile Sieve Screens in the industry today, with particle separation ranging from 50 microns and up. The profile screen surface has knife sharp edges for removal of layers of liquid and undersize material as the liquid passes the opening thus preventing blinding of the slot opening. The undersize material is classified at approximately one half the screen opening.

Ask our experienced design engineers about Conn-Weld's Flat & Flume Sieves

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