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Another proven application of Conn-Weld's Profile Wire can be found in Hydro Sieves, also known as Coanda Screens. This particular screen is being used in farms in Chile to remove debris and fine sediment from entering into pumps. Results...clean water and increased life of equipment. Learn more by visiting our products page on hydro

Conn-Weld Fine Wire Sieves Beat Out the Competition!

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In a year-long fine wire sieve test at Riverview, Conn-Weld fine wire sieves beat out the competition!  How? Conn-Weld’s profile wire last longer because of the chemical make-up of our wire.  Because of the tilt on our wire, Conn-Weld fine wire sieves cut material flowing over the sieve more efficiently and evenly whereas the

Featuring Conn-Weld Dewatering Screens

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Dewatering presents one of the toughest challenges in screening.   Conn-Weld's High Frequency Screen is designed to meet this challenge.   Our application engineers have the experience and knowhow to bring value to your project. See the efficiency  demonstrated in this sand application. Dryness of material after dewatering  - See more in sand applications courtesy