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Horizontal Screens

From subzero to near tropic installations, Conn-Weld’s Horizontal Style Vibrating Screens have proven performance in every application. Combined with the quality workmanship of Conn-Weld Sieve, both of our Horizontal style vibrating screens, traditional G-Master ® welded body or minimum welded style, will provide you low maintenance and high efficiency. The G-Master® mechanisms with spherical roller bearings designed for vibratory loads combined with sturdy case constructed from Ductile Iron reduce the risk of vibratory cracking, and oil reservoirs assure constant bearing lubrication. Conn-Weld’s Horizontal vibrating screens are designed using the highest painting standards in the Industry

  • Shot blast to near white metal
  • One coat 2-part epoxy undercoat
  • One coat 2-part blue epoxy top coat (other color options available)

The Horizontal Vibrating Screens come in single and double decks and are custom designed to meet your specific needs.

You can choose Horizontal Vibrating Screens in these different sizes—3×14, 4×10, 4×16, 4×16, 5×10, 5×12, 5×16, 6×12, 6×16, 6×20, 7×16 or 8×1, 8×16, 8×20, 10×16, 10×20, 12×16, 12×20, and 14×20 feet.


  • Wide body H-Beam construction with twin H-Bea, at feed and discharge, ends provide unmatched structural integrity
  • Heavy duty welded deck frame can be used in existing vibrating screen
  • E-Z Deck® body a patented design allows for easy replacement of individual parts
  • Feed chutes and discharge lips can be custom designed to fit any plant arrangement
  • High paint standards to withstand rigorous conditions
  • Available in a variety of designs and sizes ranging from 3×12 to 10×24 feet
  • Single & double decks


  • A-Frame
  • Pivoting Motor Base
  • Wear liners
  • Numerous media selections and hold-down systems
  • Spray bar assembly
  • Customized feed systems: radial sieves, flat flume, feed box
  • High quality paint of any color of your choice

Product Details


Minerals, Coal, Aggregates and Frac Sand



Photo Gallery

Blue horizontal vibrating screen installed in drudge application
blue horizontal screen installed in potash plant
white single deck vibrating screen with dual mechanism setting in manufacturers plant

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