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PANELOK® Screen Hold-Down System

Conn-Weld’s time-saving PANELOK® Screen Hold Down System is easy to install and easier to maintain. PANELOK® side hold downs are manufactured from an extremely abrasive resistant material and are designed to replace existing wooden hold downs without side plate modification.

Each PANELOK® dam is fitted with highly durable foam rubber to securely seal all screen seams to prevent misplaced materials. The unique, self-protective PANELOK® design prevents wear on critical locking members and on the screen support channels. Once installed, the pin-mounted center retainers do not have to be removed from the support channels to replace the screen panels. This, along with self-protective design of the PANELOK® system, ensures long retainer and support channel life. PANELOK® is designed to use existing bucker bars and standard bucker rubber. This reduces the cost of field retrofitting an existing support frame.


  • PANELOK® dams are the same width as the screen panels to simplify installation and to reduce the number of parts that must be removed to replace individual screen panels.
  • Each PANELOK® is clamped tightly against the screen surface by a dam retainer which doubles as a screen clamping lock strip.
  • Each PANELOK® replacement screen is supplied complete with new locking edges to ensure that the new screens will be held securely in place.
  • The patented PANELOK® profile screens are built according to the same industry-leading standards that you have come to expect from all of your Conn-Weld screen products.
  • No nuts, bolts, steel dams, or steel hold-down bars in material flow to wear out.
  • Highly durable polyurethane components that lock all of your screens and dams securely in place
  • Reduces profile screen deck replacement time by 50% or more
  • Readily adaptable to most vibrating screen decks

If you are looking for ways to reduce your maintenance costs, look to Conn -Weld for the latest in time-saving innovations.

Product Details


Coal, Minerals, Aggregate, Sand, & Gravel

Screen Rod Selections

These profiles represent those used most often by industry. If your applications require other shapes and designs, Conn-Weld is prepared to fabricate them. Our staff has many years of experience in the application of profile screens. We are ready to help solve your particular problem and respond quickly to your special needs. Inquiries will be answered promptly and efficiently. And, if a solution exists for your particular problem, Conn-Weld will find it! Simply tell us what we can do for you.

Chart for Determining Open Areas

Open Areas (All figures are presented in percentages of open area)


If you desire 1/2mm opening with C 3/32 wire, the chart will show you that this would be 18.2% open area. To determine this percentage, read down the Conn-Weld column at left to 1/2mm. (or .020 inches) then read straight across to the “C” profile section under “A” dimension for 3/32.

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