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Profile Screens

Conn-Weld perfects uses of profile wire in Centrifuge, and Vibrating Screens product lines. We use a special blend of stainless steel for both the wire and tie rod material to insure the highest quality wire panels in the industry.

  • Conn-Weld manufactures all of the Stainless Profile Wire Shapes in its own mill to assure the customer of a quality screen that will perform efficiently and sustain a longer operating life.
  • Instrumentation throughout the mill allows Conn-Weld to monitor every inch of wire to ensure that the proper tolerances and consistency are maintained.
  • Through many years of testing, we have determined the best content that will give the operator optimum screen life and performance.
  • This combination of detailed instrumentation and proper content assures the customer of a reliable screen source with consistent quality, life, and performance.
  • Conn-Weld manufactures the tie rod material used in the screen panels.
  • Patented welding processes used to manufacture panels.
  • Screen openings from .0015″ to 3″ openings.

Screen Rod Selections

These profiles represent those used most often by industry. If your applications require other shapes and designs, Conn-Weld is prepared to fabricate them. Our staff has many years of experience in the application of profile screens. We are ready to help solve your particular problem and respond quickly to your special needs. Inquiries will be answered promptly and efficiently. And, if a solution exists for your particular problem, Conn-Weld will find it! Simply tell us what we can do for you.

Chart for Determining Open Areas

Open Areas (All figures are presented in percentages of open area)


If you desire 1/2mm opening with C 3/32 wire, the chart will show you that this would be 18.2% open area. To determine this percentage, read down the Conn-Weld column at left to 1/2mm. (or .020 inches) then read straight across to the “C” profile section under “A” dimension for 3/32.

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