Screen Media

Every screen application presents a new challenge. Over the years Conn-Weld has met this challenge by engineering and designing screen systems to size, dewater, filter, and to work under abrasive tough jobs.

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Profile Wire

Conn-Weld has perfected the manufacturing processes of our profile wire and we are experts when it comes to making sure you have the correct opening and wire size for your specific application:

  • Proper tolerances and sharp edges minimize the break-in period
  • Panels framed using rubber, mild steel, or stainless steel
  • Fine screening up to 100 microns


Conn-Weld’s Urethane is made of the highest quality materials in the industry to suit the most abrasive applications whether wet screening or dry screening:

  • Non-blinding openings for better screen filtration
  • Available in a variety of openings and thicknesses
  • High open area panels for better screening capability
  • A variety of boltless urethane assemblies available

Perforated Plate

Conn-Weld’s Perforated Plate brings screening strength and efficiency to our vibrating screens in numerous applications.  Resistant to plugging and sustaining size accuracy, our perforated plate is available in many selections:

  • Openings: ¼” up to 12”
  • Hold-down systems:  Bolt-in and C-Type clamp
  • Types:  Round, slotted, square


Conn-Weld PANELOK systems are easy to install and easier to maintain! 

  • Designed for simple installation and replacement of individual screen panels.
  • Screen panels clamp uniformly
  • Side hold-downs made of an extremely abrasive resistant material

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