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Custom-Made Screen Baskets

Conn-Weld Industries is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of profile wire shapes. Over 45 years of screen-making experience coupled with our unique fusion welding process, enables us to furnish the strongest and most reliable welded bar screen plate technology in the world today.

Conn-Weld’s exclusive wedge wire baskets are the most durable in the industry.  Utilizing a patented fusion-welding process, Conn-Weld is capable of holding very close tolerances while providing a basket that will hold up to the harsh conditions of pulp, paper, and recycling processes.  

Our engineers know processes have experience in the pulp and paper industry. We partner with you to bring value to your overall operation.

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Conn-Weld supplies the pulp and paper industry with:

  • Custom-made screen baskets to improve existing screen performance
  • ACCU-TUFF welded bar baskets with fine slots down to 0.076mm (0.003”) for all types of screens.
  • Sidehill screens and replacement mats
  • Cylinders for screw presses
  • Coating kitchen and white water filter baskets


In tests, our baskets beat out the competitors. Conn-Weld’s customers see improved operating efficiency, reduced energy cost, high consistency, true removal of contaminants, better overall fiber length & quality, and because of our methods, construction, control of thickening.

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