Cutter blades ahead of static sieves can assist with removing water before material is presented to a static sieve.  Designed with a linear actuator enables the blade to be utilized dependent upon your moisture content.  If the moisture content is higher than 50%, the blade can be raised to cut into slurry whereas the blade can be lowered when there is less water present.

Case in point.  An underground operation had a water issue on their main production shaft belt.  3400 TPH of coal with an extremely high moisture content.   The water was causing the customers load cells to fail.  As a result, the belts were overloaded with material. Conn-Weld engineered a 5’6” x 48” x 25° flat fixed sieve with a cutter blade. The blade extended into the bottom of the flow of material diverting the smaller material onto a CG 5/32” sieve with 5MM OPG. Customer stated the flat fixed sieve eliminated up to 90% of the water that once went into their storage bins.