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Application Review

Our experienced application engineers review your application data to ensure you have the right equipment to do the job. We guide you in choosing the best equipment options for optimal performance such as sub-base, wear liners, or motor brake. We understand changes can occur throughout your project and we are committed to working with you through those changes. Our engineers will measure, review your processes on new installations or retro-fitting.

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Engineering Solutions

Conn-Weld specializes in custom fabrication in separation technology and process solutions. Engineers evaluate your process and take this information to create a custom-manufactured product to fit your exact specifications. Conn-Weld solutions include customized feed systems.

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Service and Support

Service guides everything we do. Our field engineers offer expert support you can depend on.

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Analyzation of Conn-Weld Units

For over 45 years we have strived to use the latest technology in providing data that ensures optimal performance of Conn-Weld equipment. But it’s the experience and know-how that brings value to this data. Here are some tests utilized to complete the analysis:

  • Finite Element Analysis
    • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is the simulation of any given physical phenomenon using the numerical technique called Finite Element Method (FEM). Engineers use FEA Software to reduce the number of physical prototypes and experiments and optimize components in their design phase to develop better products, faster while saving on expenses.
  • Standard “Four Corner” test, including digital orbit plot.
    • Using a throw card, readings are taken at all four corners of a machine at feed and discharge ends to obtain the X (horizontal motion), Z (side to side motion) Axis, G-Force, amplitude (“stroke”), and the operating angle of motion.
  • Hammer Impact Testing.
    • An impact test is performed by using an instrumented hammer to induce a force into the screen body, causing it to “ring”. The analyzer can then measure and detect natural frequencies while the body goes through “ring down”.
  • Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) test.
    • Operation Deflection Shape analysis is a testing and analysis procedure that allows the user to take readings during operation of the screen, import them into the appropriate software, and produce animations to gather information about the actual functioning of the vibrating screen.
  • Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
    • Experimental Modal Analysis is used to find the different mode shapes of the natural frequencies by using the impact hammer and exciting the screen body. When used in conjunction with available software packages, models and animations can be made of the resulting mode shapes.
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24/7 Accessible Service Personnel

Our in-house and global teams are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions and provide dependable customer service.

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