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Application Review

Our experienced application engineers review your application data to ensure you have the right equipment to do the job. We guide you in choosing the best equipment options for optimal performance such as sub-base, wear liners, or motor brake. Our application engineers ensure efficient equipment performance.  We understand changes can occur throughout your project and we are committed to working with you through those changes. Our engineers will measure, review your processes on new installations or retro-fitting.

Engineering Support & Solutions

We utilize the latest technology available; but it is the experience, know-how, and personal service that differentiates Conn-Weld. Our Engineering Team is led by the most experienced engineers who understand systems and on-going innovation. We have engineers specializing in individual areas such as application, finite element analysis, design research, and development. Our services are extended to you on site with Plant Surveys and Vibration Analysis.

Conn-Weld uses the latest Computer Aided Drafting and Computer Aided Manufacturing to ensure high quality and accuracy. Our computer-aided drafting and computer numerical controlled software ensure:

  • Replacement parts fit with accuracy
  • Custom fit equipment into existing plant
  • Engineering solutions for unique needs.

Our engineering team is well-versed in the computer-aided drafting:

  • Computer Aided Design software, Solid Edge, is used to generate a 3-D model:

    • FEA/Finite Element Analysis Predicts Natural Frequencies and stresses of equipment:

  • On-site testing, such as ODS/Operation Deflection Shapes and Spectrum Analysis, check for natural frequencies to determine proper operating parameters:

Technical Experts

Our Engineering and Sales Team is knowledgeable in all screening applications such as coal, aggregate, potash, sand and gravel, mineral processing, food processing, corn wet milling, and many others. Because we know changes occur throughout the implementation of the project, our experts communicate directly with you from the beginning of the proposal phase, equipment specification, and design, to production and delivery. That same personal partnership is followed through after the sale with dependable service, spare part recommendations, or just a friendly call.

On-Site Engineering

At Conn-Weld, we LISTEN to our customers and leverage thousands of combined custom engineering hours in materials processing solutions and delivering on-time products. Our application engineers will meet with you and will work closely with you to create a unique design that meets your exact specifications while offering durable and reliable equipment, and our field engineers offer field support and maintenance that you can always depend on. We ensure conduct technical plant survey and document every vibrating screen or sieve that is operating in the plant.

Analyzation of Conn-Weld Units

Our engineering application team conducts analyzation of Conn-Weld units. We utilize the following tests to complete the analyzation:

    1. Standard “Four Corner” test, including digital orbit plot.
      1. A dynamic test that establishes the overall machinery motion and health.
    2. Hammer Impact Testing.
      1. A static test that determines the natural frequencies of the screen body.
    3. Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) test.
      1. A dynamic test, used generally on the screen side plates, to measure the vibratory responses of the screen.
    4. Experimental Modal Analysis (EMA)
      1. A dynamic test used to determine the natural frequencies and characterize the mode shapes.

24/7 Accessible Service Personnel

To serve the customer by offering a quality product, produced in a timely fashion, backed by dependable service. Those principles still guide Conn-Weld today as we provide custom designed screening and separation to an ever-expanding customer base. Our in-house and global teams are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions and provide dependable customer service.

Global Reach

The quality of our products not only meets but also exceeds international standards. Each screen is 100% manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in Princeton, WV. We are expanding our markets in Australia, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, Turkey and more.  We have consignment locations in Madisonville, KY, and Alberta, CA.

Conn-Weld’s sales team begins in house and expands globally. We have district managers in all regions of the United States and sales representatives overseas. Our Sales Division is knowledgeable in all screening applications such as coal, aggregate, potash, sand and gravel, mineral processing, food processing, corn wet milling, pulp and paper, and many others.

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