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Serving the Coal Industry

Conn-Weld understands low maintenance and high efficiency on our part means profitability on yours.

Whether Raw Coal Scalping Circular Motion Incline Screens, Clean Coal Drain & Rinse Banana Screens, Refuse Drain & Rinse Horizontal Screens, or Fine Refuse Dewatering.  With 50+ years of experience in the coal industry, Conn-Weld understands process systems. Let one of our experienced engineers assist you with your application needs.

All Coal Processing Vibrating Screen Applications are used in the following processes:

    • Raw Coal Scalping
    • Raw Coal Sizing
    • Drain & Rinse
    • Des-lime
    • Clean Coal
    • Dewatering
    • Clean Coal

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Serving the Aggregate Industry

Conn-Weld supplies equipment to meet the extreme demands of the aggregate industry. Durable Vibrating Screens that come in different colors, as well as in stainless steel, Extreme Duty Scalping, Sand Dewatering, Sizing Circular Motion Inclines or Sizing Horizontal are built with the durability required by the Aggregate Industry. We design and manufacture high-quality screens that have been successfully utilized in aggregate and sand & gravel industries.

We build high-performing screens of your choice to meet the demands of scalping, dewatering, sizing and washing applications:

  • Scalping: Conn-Weld’s Extreme Duty Scalping Screens are designed per application for the most severe duty separation processes. Our screens are designed for large particle separation, large tonnage and for extremely large top size. These screens provide heavy-duty modular designed deck support frame for large particle feed and have a built-in mechanism with outboard counterweights which allow for adjustable stroke. The oil reservoirs assure constant bearing lubrication. The Extreme Duty Scalping Screens have the option of two-part epoxy paint, cardan drive shaft and overload springs for surge loads.

  • Dewatering: Conn-Weld Premium Performance Dewatering Style Vibrating Screens are proven to be efficient and low maintenance. Conn-Weld’s high-frequency dewatering style vibrating screen is designed so that the feed end is declined at 45 degrees with the main deck inclined at 5 degrees, making for a thick bed depth that traps fine particles and allows the water to drain. Conn-Weld’s dewatering screens are available in sizes ranging from 3’ x 10’ to 8’ x 12’ and are designed with a wide variety of screen surfaces and heavy- duty deck support frames. Combined with the Conn-Weld G-Master ® Mechanism, the heart of our vibrating screen, you have a premium performance high-speed screen to tackle the toughest dewatering duties in the aggregate industry.

  • Sizing: Conn-Weld’s heavy-duty sizing screens are designed to efficiently separate and deliver the product to your desired locations.  These screens can be easily adapted to fit the customer’s unique needs.  Our robust welded deck frames can be designed to accept any screen media.  Frequency, amplitude, and direction can all be adjusted for finer separations or heavy-duty products.  Wear protection of your preference can be added to make sure that these screens deliver the long-lasting performance the aggregate and sand & gravel industries require.

  • Washing: When your products must be washed to meet the required specifications for various products, trust Conn-Weld’s experience to deliver the solutions.  Some materials only require rinsing, while others demand a more forceful washing process.  Conn-Weld’s application engineers can help you decide how much water is required, and where to install the spray pipes for optimal performance.  Wear protection will be essential in this application, and Conn-Weld’s engineers can design a long-lasting solution that protects against the most destructive environments.

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Serving the Water Treatment Industry

Conn-Weld’s Hydro Sieve “A Green Solution” For Water Treatment Applications. Our durable Hydro Sieve’s are used in:

    • ROR Hydroelectric
    • Irrigation Canals for Weed Seed Control
    • Municipal Water Screening
    • Passive Intake Screening
    • Fish Barriers
    • Fire Sprinkler Systems

Conn-Weld’s Hydro-Sieve is a proven technology to screen out sediment and aquatic life at your intake site. We use tilted wedge wires to create a cutting action on the upstream sides of the wires that greatly enhance throughput over traditional wedge wire screens. Our Hydro-Sieves boast the following versatility features:

    • Capacity to 25M3 /sec
    • Low Head Loss > 0.50 Meters
    • No Electrical Requirements
    • No Moving Parts
    • Can Be Retrofitted To 
    • Existing Structures

Features like our flow relief gate reduce discharge flow barriers which can cause splashing and icing during cold months.

Hydro-Sieve can screen particles to 60 mesh and for heavy-duty needs, we can add grizzly protection ribs to protect the sieve during floods. 

Hydro-Sieve Capacity 

Flow through a Hydro-Sieve is based on several factors; screen open area, orifice flow, shearing flow, velocity head, accelerator plate elevation drop (Ha) and approach channel “p” height. Once we have your project data we can determine the maximum throughput and address other design considerations such as debris loading, flooding, and aquatic life concerns.

Download Hydro Sieve Project Design Data Sheet (PDF) Click Here

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Serving the Sand & Gravel Industry

Conn-Weld’s Dewatering, Horizontal, Circular Motion Incline, and Grizzly Extreme Duty Scalping Vibrating Screen tackle the requirements of Sand & Gravel industry. Our technical engineers work directly with you to choose one of the several screen surfaces we supply for your application. Designs such as our bolt-down heavy duty scalping deck supply you with the durability you need. Our circular motion incline allows material to roll out of the opening, providing a low degree of particle plugging which means efficient separation. Conn-Weld’s high-frequency dewatering machine has been successfully utilized in the Sand and Gravel Industry. Our screens are designed so that the feed end is declined at 45 degrees with the main deck inclined at 5 degrees, making for think bed depth that traps fine particles and allows the water to drain.

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Serving the Mineral Processing Industry

Conn-Weld offers equipment to concentrate, size and wash copper, gold, phosphate, potash, iron ore, platinum, silver, and many other minerals.  Conn-Weld can employ both vibrating screens and stationary screening equipment to assist with the recovery and concentration of many types of minerals.

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Serving the Food Industry

Some of the smallest separations are made with the screen media Conn-Weld provides to the food industry.  Conn-Weld can offer pressure screens that work to separate starch from fiber as small as 45-micron opening.  Many other food processes use the Conn-Weld line of screens such as salt, chocolate, cereals, grains, and other foods. 

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Serving the Metals Industry

Vibrating screens, static sieve screens and many other types of screening equipment can be offered by Conn-Weld to help separate and concentrate different metals and scrap.  Recovering metals from scrap steel and scrap automobiles can be an excellent use for Conn-Weld equipment.  Using our equipment in dense media separation can offer a very cost-effective way to recover both ferrous and non-ferrous metals as well as non-metals from metals.

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