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Centrifuge Screen Baskets

The Conn-Weld policy of offering new or improved products is evident in our line of Centrifuge Screen Baskets. The performance of these Centrifuge Screens begins with the wire. Through extensive research at our wire plant, we have developed a “high edge” wire, capable of generating close tolerances and sharp leading edges to break surface tension. This insures a minimum “Break-in” period to the operator.

The Screen panels are machine welded inside and out to Conn-Weld’s uniquely designed base and wear ring, to insure correct alignment. Properly designed distributors on the interior of the basket spreads the product evenly onto the wear ring and the screen surface to give better dewatering and longer life.

The exterior bracing and outer rings have been designed to eliminate weight without sacrificing strength, reducing the operator’s torque and overhung load problems, especially during startup and emergency stops. The Centrifuge Screen is dynamically machine balanced to provide longer screen life, bearing life and over all centrifuge machine life.

Product Details


Coal, Minerals, & others.

For CMI Centrifuges*: 

  • CW-3036
  • CW-1456
  • CW-1448
  • CW-1648
  • CW-2048

For McNally Centrifuges: 

  • CW-1045
  • CW-1052

For Wemco® Centrifuges*: 

  • CW-1342
  • CW-1842
  • CW-1535
  • CW-1351
  • CW-1851

For Bird Centrifuges*: 

  • CW-1039
  • CW-1042

For Heyl-Patterson Centrifuges*:

  • CW-1642

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