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Extreme Duty Screens

Conn-Weld’s Extreme Duty Scalping screens stand up to the most severe applications and large tonnages. Durable suspension is specifically designed to tolerate surge loads. The location of the mechanism is custom crafted to allow for clearance while still supporting powerful performance. Heavy duty decks withstand the unforgiving impact of top size material that can reach the size of a compact car. This stalwart machine means serious productivity and therefore, we believe our Extreme Duty Scalping screen is highly effective on heavy loads at maximum capacity.


  • Mechanism with outboard counterweights allow for adjustable stroke
  • Heavy duty modular designed deck support frame for large particle feed
  • Overload springs for surge loads
  • Designed for large particle separation, large tonnage and extremely large top size
  • Oil reservoirs assure constant bearing lubrication
  • Oil lubrication
  • Two-part epoxy paint
  • Cardan Drive Shaft


  • Wear protection available for feed impact and discharge plate.
  • Grizzly Weldment openings designed per customer specifications.
  • Mild, Abrasion Resistant, or stainless-steel liners for side plates and support beams.

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Minerals & Aggregates


6′ x 20′
6′ x 24′
7′ x 20′
8′ x 20′
8′ x 24′
10′ x 20′
10′ x 24′
10′ x 30′
12′ x 20′
14′ x 28′

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