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Hydro Sieve (Coanda)

Hydro Sieve:  “A Green Solution” For Water Treatment Applications

Hydro Sieve is an efficient sieve using proven technology to screen out sediment and aquatic life. Conn-Weld uses tilted wedge wires to create a cutting action on the upstream sides of the wires that greatly enhance throughput over traditional wedge wire screens.

Features like our unique flow relief gate reduce discharge flow barriers which can cause splashing and icing during cold months.

Hydro Sieve can screen particles to 60 mesh and for heavy-duty needs, we can add grizzly protection ribs to protect the sieve during floods.

Hydro-Sieve Capacity 
Flow through a Hydro-Sieve is based on several factors; screen open area, orifice flow, shearing flow, velocity head, accelerator plate elevation drop (Ha) and approach channel “p” height. Once we have your project data we can determine the maximum throughput and address other design considerations such as debris loading, flooding, and aquatic life concerns.

Use Cases:

  • ROR hydroelectric
  • Irrigation canals for weed seed control
  • Municipal water screening
  • Passive intake screening
  • Fish barriers
  • Fire sprinkler systems
  • No additional materials are needed such as filters
  • Quiet operation
  • It can be used in a wide variety operation including fruit and vegetable washing, wine production, fish processing, fish cleaning, and fish farming, dairies, and cheese, chicken processing, plastic recycling, and washing.


Weir “L” Meters Wire Slot Screen Radius Included Angle Ha Inclination Max. Flow M3/s
1 2.3mm 1.5mm 2.25M 24.7° 0.46M 50° 0.4

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Product Details


Hydro Power & Water Treatment


Capacity to 25M3 /sec
Low head loss > 0.50 Meters
No electrical requirements
No moving parts
Can be retrofitted to existing structures
All stainless-steel construction
Capability for food application

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Photo Gallery

hydro sieve with stainless steel profile wire
Hydro Sieve with stainless steel profile wire
three men install Hydro sieve
hydro sieve in operation in a dam
hydro sieve in operation filtering
Hydro sieve installed in dam

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